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Judy Smith


Hi, I’m Judy Smith, warmly inviting you to view my latest “Life Lessons” books. “If I knew then what I know now”. A classic refrain acknowledging the experiences we gain as we age. Things we would have done differently, negative situations we would have avoided and how much we would have savored the times of joy and happiness. Now in my 60’s, after much research and listening to the viewpoints of those I greatly admire (namely my Grandmother Mary), “Life Lessons” has come to fruition with additional titles coming shortly.

I started my career in the direct mailing industry and ultimately found myself running two businesses while scribbling on napkins and notepads the “Life Lessons” that I was learning on my way.

I am also: 
- Mother to Jamie and Michael - my lights, my love, my purpose 
- Grandmother to Jacob, Brooke, Erin, Kendall and Mason – my inspiration 
- Host of my own Cooking Show, not true at all. I just pretend my kitchen is a tv studio.

I believe a woman is truly not dressed until she is donned with pearls and high heels every day. Yes, every day! 

Judy Smith, lives in Newtown PA.


Lou Guarracino


The world would be a happier place for me if I could just wear my blue bathrobe all day. Since I cannot, I attend business meetings in shorts or jeans. Nothing fancy about me, simplicity works best! ! I’ve been in advertisng space sales for a trade publication since 1977.


Sailing and photography are my deepest passions. I prefer taking photos of landscapes instead of people. I must put my salesman front on all day so I like the quiet reflection that comes from photographing things rather than people.


I look forward to retiring near the water with a glass of fine wine in one hand and my camera in the other waiting for that perfect moment to be captured.


Lou lives in Bucks County, PA.

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